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Ending Hunger with MAZON

Ending Hunger with MAZON

Posted on June 22nd, 2016

We are proud to partner with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger to help our campers make a lasting connection between Jewish values and justice.

MAZON believes that the Jewish community has an important role to play in ending hunger in America and that we need dedicated leaders who are committed to speaking up for those who struggle to put enough food on the table. Cultivating that leadership starts with educating today’s young people about who is hungry and how they can help.

Liz Braun, an ambassador for MAZON, worked with our campers to write letters on paper plates to the White House on paper plates asking them to remember those who are hungry as they pass legislation. The paper plates were then hung on the windows of the Chadar Ochel (dining hall).

Here are three of the campers’ letters:


Dear President Obama,

I realize there are several problems in the world. One thing I believe is very important is hunger. 13 million children like me are starving. It really touches you when you hear about someone’s life changing for the worse. I know we do a lot but we need to do more.

-Alexis, Austin, TX, 6th Grade


Dear President Obama,

In this world there are 13 million kids and 48 million adults that are food insecure. Many people are trying to pay for their families. I have an idea but you don’t need to use it. You or someone else can make a company that will hire people who are struggling in life. You can also hire some kids if they want to help. Thanks for understanding and reading.

Giulia F., Dallas, TX, 6th Grade


Dear President Obama,

I just read that 48 MILLION Americans are constantly hungry. That’s 15%! I think it is a big problem. I want to make sure that 0% are hungry. It makes me so sad to think about that. Although we’ve got programs like STEM, they won’t let you qualify sometimes. I even hear people in the military are starving! Think of it. Them, sacrificing themselves, and they can’t eat! I want us to protect the programs we have, and keep doing what we can. Maybe, just maybe, hunger can end.

Emma, 6th Grader