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5 GFC Approved Passover Recipes

Posted on April 14th, 2017

It’s halfway through Passover and we’ll admit it – we’re hungry and lusting for camp scones and biscuits. But just because the seder leftovers are almost gone and the matzah is tasting particularly more like cardboard doesn’t mean we can’t still eat deliciously! ┬áCheck out these creative recipes that will make Passover a breeze.


Matzo Ball Tomato Soup and Matzo Grilled Cheese
A Delicious Twist on a Camp Favorite!

Classic Matzo Brei
Nothing wrong with the basics!

Mina de Maza [Passover Pie]
The most delicious twist on a Passover lasagna!

Vegan Sweet Potato Kugle
No dairy in this yummy dish!

Matzo S’mores
Sub out graham crackers for matzo and, well, we can’t promise it’ll be the same but at least Martha Stewart approves!