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Israeli Delegation at GFC: What we see vs. what we feel

Israeli Delegation at GFC: What we see vs. what we feel

Posted on June 30th, 2019

This Summer’s Rosh Mishlachat, Daniel  Zaroum gave a speech at the Yom Yisrael Closing Ceremony about the duality of the Mishlachat camp experience: the camp that we see with our eyes and the camp that we feel in our hearts.


Hello dear campers, dear Mishlachat and staff, faculty and guests.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Daniel and I’m the Rosh Mishlachat, the head of the Israeli delegation.

Today was a very exciting day for me as a Rosh Mishlachat and as a member of the Mishlachat. Yom Israel is a day of opportunity. Opportunity for an activity which is meaningful and educational as well as fun and bonding. And I think it went perfect.

Dear Mishlachat- seeing you put so much effort and thought in the program, and everything because of your love for the kids and because of the love for Israel, with such a sparkle in your eyes, was inspiring. I couldn’t ask for a better Mishlachat.

Dear campers and staff- for the last session I saw you and the Shlichim connect, and apart from the personal and meaningful relationships- I saw Israel Jews and Diaspora Jews connect. I saw something meaningful and important happening naturally. These relationships have a big importance for all of us, as Americans and Israelis, and as Jewish people.

I don’t know if you know this, but in camp we have the visible camp, but also a secret camp. The visible camp is what you experience every day- beautiful relationships, the education, the fun, the activities and all the rest.

The secret camp is the camp for us, the staff members. This is a camp that is made to make us grow as people, as leaders, and as educators.

As a Shlichim we also have a visible and a secret camp. For the visible camp, we come to represent Israel. We do it by education, by relationships, by Yom Israel…

And this is our secret camp- which I like to call the Reverse Shlichut- the reverse delegation. This is a secret camp, that you, American campers and staff, are responsible for. You teach us about open minded Judaism. You teach us how important the connection to the diaspora is. You teach us the beauty of reform Judaism. And all of that- we take back to Israel, to be your representatives, your Shlichim.

Thank to you I, personally, learned about myself. When I first came to camp 3 years ago, I didn’t feel really connected not to Judaism, and not to my Israeli identity. Here, you taught me about the Judaism I can connect to and love. I learned to sincerely appreciate the fact that I live in Israel.

You helped me find Israel, When I was away from it. I came to teach, but learned much more.


I am thankful for the opportunity to bring Israel to camp,

And to later bring you, to Israel.


Thank you everybody,

Happy Yom Israel