Why Work at Camp?

Since 1976, the Greene Family Camp has been serving the Reform Jewish Congregations of Texas and Oklahoma. It provides both young and old the opportunity to learn and grow.

Greene Family Camp offers a fine balance between education and recreation. As a Jewish camp, Greene Family Camp seeks to enhance the experience of our campers and staff with the richness of the Jewish faith and culture. The Camp places a strong emphasis on personal growth and a positive self-image; it is important for our campers to feel good about themselves. For all who attend, it is an unforgettable religious, cultural, and emotional experience.

At Greene Family Camp, a great deal of pride is taken in the members of its staff. The staff is comprised of college students, graduate students, and professionals in various fields. Staff members provide a stable and caring home for campers all summer long.


Each year, we look for competent and energetic young adults to fill our staff positions. Previous experience isn’t the key to success at Greene: you are! Training is provided at the start of the summer season, and is ongoing throughout the summer. We seek to insure that staff members have as great a time as our campers.

Counselors live in bunks with our campers, and have the most direct influence on their summer experiences. Involved in every aspect of camp life, counselors strive to provide for the campers the best that camp has to offer. Most importantly, counselors serve as role-models of responsible, mature, and Jewishly-involved living. The “bunk” is the most essential unit at Greene Family Camp, and we do all we can to insure that our campers get the most out of it. Great counselors are the key!

Specialists provide the bulk of the programming and activities that campers participate in during every day of their camp experience. Whether their experience is in Jewish education, creative programming, or in one of the 32 recreational activities that we offer regularly, specialist work to keep the camp going, and offer campers the chance to develop new skills and talents, thereby feeling even better about themselves.


A summer season at Greene Family Camp lasts 9 weeks, including our staff training program, and is conveniently scheduled to coincide with most school calendars.

You could spend your summer at Greene Family Camp working in the out-of-doors, while at the same time developing the skills and experience that will enable you to build your present or future career.

And, you can make a positive difference in the life of a child by being the spark that ignites the flame of fun, growth, and learning. Take the challenge! Be a staff member at the Greene Family Camp!


As a member of the Greene Family Camp Staff, you will have the opportunity to be a positive influence on the lives of our campers, while developing important life-long skills and having the summer of your life!

Each summer, our staff is comprised of dynamic individuals who spend their days and nights working with children in a fun-filled, ever-changing array of exciting and challenging activities and programs.

As a staff member at Greene Family Camp, you spend your summer:

  • gaining valuable experience in positions of leadership and responsibility.
  • utilizing, expressing, and developing your creative skills and talents.
  • enriching your campers’ lives and your own by gaining an understanding of Jewish culture, traditions, and values.
  • learning the keys to successful teamwork.
  • developing public speaking skills.
  • enhancing problem-solving skills.
  • developing program ideas from concept to reality.
  • being a positive influence in the development of children.
  • working under professional guidance and direction.


For more information about a summer job at the URJ Greene Family Camp, send us an email or call us at either one of our offices. We will send you more information, or you can apply online right now!

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