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Purim Costumes: GFC Style 2017

Posted on Mar 3, 2017 in From the Blog, Uncategorized

It’sour favorite time of the year again: Purim. As your religious schools’ carnivals and community parties are approaching, it’s time to pick a costume. Want a way to stand out from all the Esthers and Mordechais? We’ve got some more camp-themed costume ideas to set you apart from the Purim crowds this holiday season.

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Praying with our Feet 0

Praying with our Feet

Posted on Jan 27, 2017 in From the Blog, Uncategorized

There we were. Somewhere in the crowd near the trees on the western side of the State Capitol grounds. We were packed in with rainbow flags, women wearing hijabs, Christian pastors, mothers and grandmothers, babies in strollers, men and boys, bicyclists and even a few dogs.

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