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Each year, we look for competent and energetic young adults to fill our staff positions. Previous experience isn’t the key to success at Greene: you are! Training is provided at the start of the summer season, and is ongoing throughout the summer. We seek to insure that staff members have as great a time as our campers.


A summer season at Greene Family Camp lasts 9 weeks, including our staff training program, and is conveniently scheduled to coincide with most school calendars. You could spend your summer at Greene Family Camp working in the out-of-doors, while at the same time developing the skills and experience that will enable you to build your present or future career. Not to mention, you can make a positive difference in the life of a child by being the spark that ignites the flame of fun, growth, and learning. Take the challenge! Be a staff member at the Greene Family Camp!


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Staff FAQs

Where is Greene Family Camp located?

Greene is located in Bruceville, TX, approximately 20 miles south of Waco and approximately 80 miles north of Austin.

What is the process for applying to work at Greene?

You can apply online here. Once we have received your application and all necessary references, you will be contacted to set up an interview. If offered a position with Greene, you will be sent a contract to be signed and returned to our office.

Following your contract return, you will receive several information forms that we will need to have on file prior to the summer. This includes medical information, a staff biography, staff preference form, and information about your arrival to camp. You will also receive a staff manual that you should read before your arrival to camp. As we get closer to the beginning of camp you will receive further information regarding pre-summer training, travel, and how to prepare for camp.

If I have never been to camp before or never did the Avodah program, can I still work at Greene?

Absolutely! Many of our staff are first timers to Greene. If you missed the Avodah program or have never been to camp before, we highly encourage you to apply. We value a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds and always love new members to the community on our staff.

What is the difference between a counselor and specialist?

Every specialist living on-site at Greene is a counselor. This means that the primary responsibility of both the specialists and counselors is to look after and care for their bunk of campers. Our counselors participate in activities with campers in the unit and have the most direct interaction with the campers in their bunk. Our specialists have a certain level of expertise in an area and organize and run our daily elective activities. When specialists are not working with their activity area, they join their bunk for activities and programming. Both counselors and specialists sleep in the bunk with campers.

What are the dates of camp?

The standard camp season is eight and a half weeks; this includes a full week of staff orientation which is considered a vital component of Greene’s summer. Arrival dates to camp are dependent on your position and are included in your staff contract. Discussion of the expected dates of attendance will occur during your interview. Our leadership team and specialists requiring additional training, such as waterfront or challenge course, are expected to arrive on May 24th. Counselors and specialists will be expected to arrive on May 31st. Our summer concludes on July 28th. We are able to accommodate only a limited number of staff who are unable to stay the entire time.

What happens during Staff Orientation?

Staff Orientation is a vital component of Greene’s summer. During this week, staff members are presented with a great deal of information – from Camp policies and procedures, to working with children, to developing strong working relationships with each other. Staff Orientation is required for all staff members.

When do I have time off?

Staff members receive both daily and monthly time off. Each day, staff members are schedule one hour off. Staff may also have additional time off after campers are asleep if they are not on duty in the bunk. Each session, staff receive two days off and one night off. Time off will be discussed during your interview.

When do I get paid?

Paychecks are issued at the end of the summer. You can request half of your pay at the end of our First Session, and if we are able, we will fulfill the request.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Special diets can be accommodated. If you require such assistance, it is your responsibility to discuss such arrangements in advance with Greene prior to your arrival at camp. Meals at Camp are served “Kosher-Style”, which means that we do not serve pork or shellfish and we do not mix meat and dairy at the same meals.

Will I have access to my email, cell phone, and other technology?

Computers are available for staff use in the zula (staff lounge). Staff members will also have access to wireless internet in the office building and staff lounge. Greene is a “screen free” environment for our campers, so technology usage is only permitted in the staff lounge. Staff are not permitted to use computers or phones or other such devices in their cabins and can only do so in certain areas and at specific times.

What can I expect from my experience on staff at Greene Family Camp?

Being on staff at any residential camp is perhaps the most difficult and most fulfilling job you will ever have. A summer at Greene will be challenging at the same time that it will be fun! As a staff member at Greene, you will have the opportunity to experience life in our unique community, positively impact the lives of campers and other staff members, create friendships that may last forever, and personally and professionally gain skills to excel your future career.