Rates and Dates

Rates and Dates for Summer Camp 2017

UnitCURRENT GRADEOpens OnCloses OnFeeEarly Bird (By Labor Day)Early Bird II (By 11/18)Early Bird III (12/31)
Session One
Niviim3, 4Sunday, June 11Tuesday, July 4$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Kohanim5Sunday, June 11Tuesday, July 4$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Shoftim6Sunday, June 11Tuesday, July 4$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Melachim7Sunday, June 11Tuesday, July 4$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
S'ganim8Sunday, June 11Tuesday, July 4$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Kibbutz9Sunday, June 11Tuesday, July 4$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Session One
Shorashim3, 4Sunday, June 11Tuesday, June 20$2,300$2,200$2,225$2,275
Session One
Bonim1, 2Sunday, June 25Tuesday, July 4$2,300$2,200$2,225$2,275
Session Two
Niviim3, 4Sunday, July 9Tuesday, August 1$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Kohanim5Sunday, July 9Tuesday, August 1$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Shoftim6Sunday, July 9Tuesday, August 1$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Melachim7Sunday, July 9Tuesday, August 1$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
S'ganim8Sunday, July 9Tuesday, August 1$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Kibbutz9Sunday, July 9Tuesday, August 1$4,150$3,950$4,050$4,100
Session Two
Shorashim3, 4Sunday, July 9Tuesday, July 18$2,300$2,200$2,225$2,275
Session Two
Bonim1, 2Sunday, July 23Tuesday, August 1$2,300$2,200$2,225$2,275
Full Summer11Thursday, June 8Tuesday, August 1$4,500$4,400$4,425$4,450
More Programs
Garin Greene (NFTY in Israel)10TBATBA

Register Now!

Summer Camp Payment is due in full by May 1st. You can log into your account at any time to make payments. You can also send a check to camp prior to May 1st. Any remaining balance will be automatically charged to the default card on file. It is your responsibility to make sure the default card on file is up to date.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required for application processing. This includes a non-refundable registration fee of $50.00. After March 31, 2016, the entire $250.00 deposit becomes non-refundable.

Camperships: Limited scholarships are available from the URJ Greene Family Camp and other agencies, possibly including your congregation. Please check our Parent Information Center for more information. If you will be seeking scholarship assistance, please be sure to apply early enough so that the award amount can be determined prior to April 30. Applying as an “Early-Bird” will automatically save you up to $100 depending on your session.

Early-Bird Discount: Register prior to Labor Day and receive a discount of $200 ($100 for Bonim and Shorashim). Register prior to November 18, 2016, and receive a discount of $100 ($75.00 for Bonim and Shorashim). Register prior to December 31, 2016, and receive a discount of $50 ($25 for Bonim and Shorashim).

Multi-Child Discount: If you have more than one child from your immediate family enrolled, we will apply a $125 discount for the second child, third child, fourth, fifth…

Multi-Session Discount: Enroll your child for both sessions and receive a $250 discount.

Cancellation: Cancellation within one month of the start of the child’s session at camp will forfeit all fees.

Inclusions: The registration fee includes: All camp activities (except for additional charges as noted below); one camp t-shirt; canteen; camp & cabin pictures; and free limited access to online services.

Exclusions: Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation to and from Camp.

Non-URJ Surcharge: Families who are not members of a URJ Congregation will be assessed a $200 surcharge per camper. The surcharge is $100 for Bonim camper. For non-URJ families with multiple campers, the maximum surcharge amount is $500.