Introducing the NFTY-TOR Regional Board 2018-2019 Candidates

Introducing the NFTY-TOR’s Regional Board

2018-2019 Candidates


We are excited to present the NFTY-TOR 2018-2019 Regional Board candidates. NFTY-TOR has always been a region of leaders, all of whom are ready to dedicate themselves to our region. We are so proud of everyone who decides to run, regardless of the outcome, because we know that you all care about the well-being and future of NFTY-TOR.

At this year’s Asefah Bet, held on the Saturday of Spring Kallah 20178 at Greene Family Camp, we will elect the next NFTY-TOR Regional Board. One of the best aspects of NFTY as a movement is that we are actively teen lead. These candidates, who will make up our incoming regional board are all amazing teen leaders. As regional board members, they will work in partnership with our adult leadership to develop and implement programs for our communities around the region. This is your movement.


As you’re viewing the candidate information, here are five things to consider:

1. Every candidate met the same criteria to run.
Every candidate is a capable leader, supported by clergy members, NFTY TOR Regional Director and the current NFTY TOR regional board. They have all contributed to the furthering and strengthening of NFTY.

2. Every candidate has made a HUGE commitment to our movement.
Every candidate knows that being on Regional Board means dedicating a huge amount of their time and energy to bettering our region. They have all stepped up to the plate and declared their readiness to make this intense commitment.

3. Every candidate should be judged solely on the materials they submit and their speeches at Asefah.
What does our region need in the coming year? Which candidate is thinking of those needs and has mentioned them as a part of their platform and letter of intent? Each candidate was asked to write a sample program on a specific topic. How does their program reflect the values of our region and type of engaging, teen-led programming we value in our region?

4. Every candidate is strong.
Consider of the strengths of every single candidate. What opportunities would arise if they were elected? What is positive and unique about this candidate? Remember, we elect leaders on their potential, not solely on the qualifications they possess on the day they inherit a new responsibility. Make sure that you are giving every candidate the benefit of the doubt, and the room to grow into their position over time.

5. Every candidate is a NFTYite.
All of the people running in these elections are part of our community. They are our friends, our peers, and our Jewish family. We treat each member of our holy community with respect and warmth. Nothing is more important than maintaining a wholesome community.

There is no doubt in my mind that together, we will conduct a healthy and productive elections process this year. Every one of us is dedicated to a common goal: ensuring a bright and innovative future for our movement. 

Meet the Candidates