GAGA – Gather All Greene Alumni

GAGA is a social group dedicated to helping anyone who loves Greene Family Camp stay connected to each other and Greene while reminding us we are all one incredible family.

Ever wonder where your old bunk mate ended up? What theyre doing? Or if they have children of their own? What about that crazy fun counselor you adored? Or the crazy smart specialist who gave you your first insights into art, photography, technology, golf, riding, cooking
and the list goes on and on! Chances are if youve been a part of Greene Family Camp over these past 40+ years, you know someone youd love to catch up with – and GAGA is the way to do it.

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Take a moment to input your info to get added to the GAGA pit. Well notify you about super fun events, from virtual to the in-person, that can bring us together, as well as offer you a way to reconnect with friends from the past – as well as make new ones.

Upcoming Alumni Events

Gaga invites you to the 80’s gfc experience!

March 14, 7pm CT/8pm ET

If you went to GFC in the 80’s, chances are:

  • You popped the collars on your IZOD and Polo shirts
  • Looked dynamite in madras shorts
  • Sweated your tush off in Kibbutz
  • Never dipped a single toe in the lake
  • Relished the smell and warming comfort of vinegar ear drops at the lower pool
  • And made some of the best friendships of your life -that you still cherish to this day!

RSVP now for a fun-filled, virtual event – the 80’s GFC Experience – and see and hear from some of camp’s most memorable personalities plus reconnect with friends, faculty and staff you may not have seen in awhile. 

The 80’s GFC Experience is a 3-part event:

  1. Slide Show Theatre: Love the slide shows that wrapped up every session? Now’s your chance to see them again – only this time with the added colorful commentary of some of camp’s most beloved campers and staff. Hey – there’s so and so – only with hair!
  1. 80’s Camp Trivia BattleWhose memories haven’t been ravished by the ages (and college)? Think back and call upon  the deepest recesses of your mind as you witness some of your 80’s peers duke it out in a GFC trivia battle royale!
  1. 80’s Meet and Greets: So there was a girl in Ashdod…a guy in Rehovot…use the friendship networks you’ve maintained, and then some, and reconnect with 80’s camp rockstars in mini-breakouts as our evening’s final event.

RSVP now to join in the fun, and if you haven’t included your latest information on the alumni Census, don’t wait! Reconnect with your GFC family through GAGA today!

Stay tuned for more fun throughout each and every decade, compliments of GAGA!

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