Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor  gathering  space

Outdoor Chapel

The Chapel is an outdoor amphitheater with seating for up to 400 on benches. The Chapel has a partially-covered stage area in front. Both the audience area and the stage area are ideal spots for special evening programs and are fully lit. The chapel overlooks the lake and Texas sunset.

Meeting Pagoda

Set in a wooded area, the Pagoda is a great outdoor breakout space. Approximately 30-50 people can sit on the benches provided around its perimeter. The Pagoda has ceiling fans and lights. The area surrounding the pagoda can be lit for evening use.

Courtyard & Band Stand

In front of the Sports Center and serving as the new GFC center, this area connects all of the camp via pathways. With beautiful night lighting, the Courtyard will serve as a versatile program and activities area. The dining hall is directly connected to the courtyard and has a large, concrete slab in front of it.

Campfire Ring

The classic Texas campfire site provides seating around the fire area for up to 200 people.

Challenge Course

The Greene Family Camp Challenge Course offers unique adventure experiences designed to facilitate group cohesion and individual development. Successful completion of the elements instills participants with confidence and enthusiasm while providing lessons and realizations critical to success in life. The Challenge Course consists of both high and low elements ~ all of which require groups and individuals to reach beyond their comfort zone to accomplish the goal. All high elements require certified ropes course facilitators that are provided at an extra cost based off the number of provided to us prior to arrival.

High Elements

The High Ropes Course is complete with many objectives, challenges and safety measures. This is a popular area with many features including a zip line and pendulum swing. Using harnesses, helmets, cables, ropes and wooden beams teams explore risk-taking, trust and coaching. Participants walk across cable bridges, negotiate giant ladders or ride zip lines across the courtyard as they overcome personal fears and develop new self confidence.

Low Elements

Can your group benefit from exercises in teamwork, communication and leadership? Schedule a low element challenge course experience during your event to build camaraderie within your group.

Alpine Tower

One of the most popular elements on our challenge course is the 50 foot Alpine Tower. Actually, there are more than 18 elements in one! The Alpine Tower can be used as a team building tool or as a very sophisticated climbing tower. There are many ways to the top!

Outdoor Climbing Wall

One of the ways to the top of the Alpine Tower is the 50 foot Climbing Wall. Test your strength, agility and team spirit as you challenge each other to be the first to the top!

Zip Line

Imagine soaring through the air for 600 feet while safely harnessed to a line! The zip line is situated in our courtyard area and is one of the fastest ways to travel across camp.

Pendulum Swing

Enjoy feeling the rush of excitement as you fly through the air on a 50 foot pendulum swing…the experience will leave you invigorated and racing to get back in line for another ride!

Outdoor Fields


Tennis Courts

We have three Tennis Courts – so remember to bring your racquet and balls.

Volleyball Courts

Greene has both an Indoor Volleyball Court and an Outdoor Beach-Sand Volleyball Court which can be lit for evening rallies.

Basketball Courts

Our Outdoor Basketball Court is designed for both full-court and half-court play. One half-court is equipped with junior-height baskets. The Samson Sports Center houses our Indoor Basketball Court.

Sports Fields

We have a baseball/softball diamond which is suited with backstops – be sure to remember your gloves. Our soccer field is suited with goal nets.

Sports Equipment

Equipment is available for use by all groups during your stay.

  • Kickballs
  • Softballs and Bats
  • Soccer Balls
  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs and Nets
  • Dodgeballs

Please let us know in advance which activities your group would like, and any special needs you may have, so that we can make sure the equipment is available when it is needed. Everything will be signed out to you at the beginning of your event, and you will be responsible for its safe return.



Lake Jake

The lake is available for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. A floating dock is situated to allow easy access for all activities.

“Z” Pool

The “Z” Pool is designed for many activities to take place at once: lap swimming, water volleyball and diving. There is a shallow area for beginners, a diving tank and a racing area.

Both Pools and the Lake are open only at specific times and with prior arrangement. You must provide a specific number of individuals, lifeguards will be provided (at an extra cost) based off of the number provided.