Indoor Facilities

Dining Rooms

One of our newer additions, the Service Center actually contains two separate dining rooms. They are fully climate-controlled with air conditioning, heat and ceiling fans. The optional-use serving area separates the new state-of-the-art kitchen from the dining rooms.

Main Dining Room
The main dining room comfortably seats 600 people. It is equipped with a lighted stage, premium stereo sound system, stacking chairs and folding banquet tables and can be used as a meeting room and a program area.

Staff Lounge
The smaller of the two rooms, the Staff Lounge, can seat 150 people for meals.

dining inside

Samson Sports Complex and Activity Center

Samson Sports Complex
GFC Basketball CourtThe sports complex is the newest addition to GFC and is a state-of-the-art facility. The meeting space within this crown jewel is the multi-media room equipped with a flat-screen TV, DVD player.

Our covered Gymnasium is equipped for full- and half-court basketball, as well as volleyball and a number of other indoor sports. While the Gymnasium is not air-conditioned, it is equipped with fans and ten large doors that open to cool the room. The large size of the gym makes it ideally suited to indoor activities that require a large area.

The Theater accommodates 600 people seated on the floor or approximately 400 people in chairs. It boasts a fully-equipped proscenium thrust stage with main drape, border, and cyclorama curtains. Lighting available includes 24 dimmer circuits controlled from a programmable panel and a follow spot. A sound-reinforcement system is also available.

Arts and Crafts Workshop
The Arts and Crafts Workshop has workspace for a variety of activities. It is equipped with a kiln, potter’s wheel, work tables, tools, crafts sink, and an oven/range. Groups are welcome to use this equipment with the proper supervision. Supplies are the responsibility of the group.

Gathering Spaces

Recreation Halls
As all-purpose activity rooms, the Recreation Halls 1 & 2 can accommodate a maximum of 360-400 people sitting on chairs, and more if they are sitting on the floor. One has black-out curtains for daytime presentations and movies.

Office Center
Directly across from the Dining Rooms are two conference rooms. They can also be used by groups as office space, equipped with telephones and computers.

Breakout Rooms
Within the Activities Center building there are four breakout rooms. The largest of the four is carpeted. One of the rooms contains a full kitchen. Each room can hold approximately 40 people theater-style.

Fireplace Lounge
This room, located in the Faculty Center, is perfect for lectures, meetings and small social gatherings. The room is equipped with a full kitchen and can hold approximately 50 – 60 people in chairs, more if people are seated on the floor.

This room is perfect as a small breakout room or an office for visiting groups.


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