There’s nothing like getting to eat some of your favorite foods with your bunkmates and counselors! Meals are so lonely when you return home when you’re not sharing them with the entire camp community

Floating on Lake Jake

There’s nothing better than getting to spend a day on the lake! From canoes to the blob, we love cooling down in our favorite body of water.

Getting Ready for Shabbat at the Beit Knesset

We love spending Shabbat with our best friends in the most beautiful place on Earth! We also love extended rest hour to get ready for Shabbat with our bunkmates.

Havdallah Campfires

There are few things we love more than jamming out at the campfire with our favorite songleaders, and often an appearance by Loui Dobin, our camp director. From Stars in the Sky to Follow me to GFC, we love hearing all the camp favorites!

Trying Every Activity

There’s so much to do at camp: from fine arts to frisbee. We love trying out all the activities in Hagigah and Chugim, and when we’re older, Gadol! And whatever we don’t have time for, we try in Chufsha time.

The Puppies and Kittens

We love our puppies at the farm! Whenever we need a cuddly bundle of love, we know where to find them, and the farm specialists are always so welcoming and helpful.

Hobo Packs and S’mores

Our Tzofim lead the best camp outs. Not only do we get the option to sleep under the stars, we eat delicious Hobo Packs and s’mores. Yum!

Song Session

It’s so much fun to sing and dance to our favorite camp songs!



The competition is fierce, the spirit intsense, but the days of our color war are some of the most memorable and fun of the summer! From the relay to arts fest, we love the nonstop camp unity and competition.

Our best friends

Camp friends are the best friends, and the thing we miss the most when we leave camp are the people.