40. Reunions
Every five years!

39. The Barn
From the puppy house to horseback riding, we love hanging out at the barn.

38. Visiting Faculty
We love it when our Rabbis and Jewish Educators come to visit! Plus, they always bring good snacks.

37. The Game Room
Because who doesn’t love a rousing game of table tennis.

36. NFTY
We were founded as a TOFTY Camp and now we host NFTY programs all year round. Check them out!

35. A Phone-Free Summer
Perhaps the beauty of camp is the lack of phones and screens. Camp is the best place to unplug!

34. All-Camp Variety Show
A place to showcase all of camps many talents!

33. Trips
Water parks nights, Sganim, Kibbutz and Avodah trips, there’s always somewhere to go and something to see!

IMG_5405 (Large)

32. Melachim, Sganim and Kibbutz Kfars
For our older units, it’s great to have the opportunity to live independently.

31. Camp Katan
We can’t forget about our littlest campers. These children of our faculty and staff have the best days playing all over GFC.

30. Tzofim
We love our Israeli scouts! They lead us on all our camp outs.

29. Earth Night
Our Kibbutz campers lead a program to teach the rest of camp about sustainability and leaving eco-consciously.

28. Hodaot
Our word for announ—- can’t say it! But we do sing a Hodaot song every meal.

27. Erev Yisrael
Our Israeli staff put on a great program to teach all our campers about Israeli history and culture.

26. Rikudiyam
So many great Israeli songs to dance to after services! It’s always a blast.

25. Maccabiah


24. Spectacular Day
Fireworks! Carnival! The fourth of July (or a date later in the month) is one of the best days at camp.

23. I35
We love, we hate it, but it gets us to camp and for that we are thankful.

22. Loui Dobin
40 years of Greene, 36 years of Loui. No one can imagine life at GFC without Loui Dobin!

21. Gadol
Our older campers get to focus on one activity all summer and present them before the last day of camp.

20. Chufsha

We love our free time on Shabbat! So many activities.

19. Free Swim
Three o’clock every day. The whole camp loves to come together to swim.

18. Hagigah
Afternoon activities! The summer sun can’t stop us. Find us in the air conditioning.

IMG_6382 (Large)
17. GFrogC
Our loyal, green[e] mascot. We have a suit and everything!

16. Momtauk
What’s better than candy? Hmm, that’s a tricky question.

15. Lake Jake
The Blob, the trampoline, and many many more! It’s great to float in Lake Jake! It’s also a very photogenic body of water.

14. Challenge Course
From the diamond course to the zip line, we love to grow as a community on our challenge course.

13. Our Staff
We pick them, we train them, we love them! GFC has the best staff around!

12. Chugim
Morning activities are some of the best! We love to run around outside before it gets too hot out.

11. Fudgie The Whale
A classic anthem of our camp. He’s got a chocolate head and a chocolate tail.

10. The Food
We love our food and our kitchen staff! There’s always plenty of options, and you rarely ever eat the same thing twice!

9. Campfires
Mmm.. s’mores and songs. Yum.

8. Havdallah
The twisted candle brightens our hearts as together we watch the Sabbath depart…we love the cook outs and spiritual experience of Havdallah!

7. Stars in the Sky
Both the song, and the actual stars. It’s all equally beautiful.

6. Birthdays
A birthday at camp is the best kind of birthday! If you have a summer birthday, you get cookie cake, a button, and serenaded by a great birthday song!

5. Song Session
Songs all in Hebrew, commercial jingles and classic rock…you never know what will be sung at one of our song sessions!

4. Our Incredible Year Round Programs
Whether you’re in elementary, middle or high school, there’s always something fun going on in a city near you! From trips to DC and Costa Rica, or outings to the State Fair, we love our year round programs!

3. Shabbat
All dressed white, strolling through camp, eating fried chicken, having a spiritual experience at the Beit Knesset…what could be better!

2. Best Friends
The friends you make at GFC are the ones that last a lifetime.

1. Sunsets

The best sunsets in the world are in Bruceville, TX over Lake Jake!