This past week, the URJ Greene Family Camp team spent a week in sunny Orlando, FL.  But instead of laying by the pool or waiting in lines at Disney World, we spent it at the URJ Biennial.

Biennial gave us the chance to see our greater GFC community come together from all parts of the world.  Biennial brought forth alumni who are Rabbis and Cantors, Jewish rock stars, youth leaders, camp directors, lay leaders, NFTYites and college ambassadors.

Our team also served different roles throughout the conference.  Executive Director Loui Dobin supervised the production of the plenary sessions, or big presentations, for the weekend, while Camp Director Stefani Rozen focused on engaging with our community at Biennial and attending sessions to learn from members of the great URJ community.  Other members of our team worked on the operations of the events, doing everything from setting up and breaking down rooms to creating graphics for plenary presentations.

One of most notable parts of the week was how much love people all over the convention had for Greene Family Camp, whether they attended as a kid, knew a child who attended, worked here as a staff member, visited for a summer Shabbat weekend, or just heard about our year-round programs and were impressed with our work.  Attending Biennial reaffirmed that Greene’s reach is far greater than the Texas and Oklahoma community; it extends throughout the Reform Jewish world.

We wish that all of our alumni and friends could be there with us, but for those who were not, here are some highlights from the conference, featuring actor Michael Douglas, Vice President Joe Biden and some of our former and current GFC song leaders.