We still cannot believe that Summer 2021 is behind us. Two weeks ago, I wrote about unpacking our bags from camp – unpacking our belongings and unpacking our memories, and getting ready to face the year ahead.

While the start of this school year doesn’t look exactly as we had hoped, there are still blessings that we can find in everything that we do. Everyone who has experienced camp magic knows that camp is a place that allows us to build connections that are stronger and closer than anywhere else. The formation of these connections can be carried out in the “real world,” to build and strengthen relationships in all aspects of life.

As our campers head back to school and we complete our transition away from camp and back to the “real world,” we wanted to share a blessing, written by Rabbi Sari Laufer, for the year ahead.

Mishebeirach doroteinu, may the one who blessed the generations before, bless us — students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff — as we begin this school year.

May we be blessed with fast Internet connections and access to functional technology.
May we be blessed with fast friendships and well-earned learning.

May we be blessed with muscle memory for curiosity and collaboration.
May we be blessed with muscle memory for compassion and cooperation.

May we be blessed with excitement over seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with friends.
May we be blessed with the excitement over meeting new friends and teachers.

May we be blessed with patience, for teachers, friends, and parents learning new technologies and new concepts.

Above all, may we be blessed with the ability to make connections and community, growing as teachers and learners — no matter our role or title.

-Michaela Rollins