by Dylan Kort, NFTY-TOR Membership Vice President, Temple Shalom in Dallas

This summer I participated in an amazing opportunity that Greene Family Camp had to offer. For the first time, as part of Greene’s year-round programming initiative, GFC partnered with Mitzvah Corps to send me and 17 other teens to Costa Rica.

This program involved learning about Costa Rica’s renewable energy plants, as well as teaming up with a local magnet high school and helping them build a trail and renovate their outer fence.

In all honesty, what made it such a wonderful experience were the people. I bonded with people I had met only a few days before, had incredibly open and honest discussions, and created memories with them that I will cherish forever. It was so fantastic because in a different country, I was experiencing exactly what I hope to experience in NFTY-TOR this coming year. I was able to learn while having fun, become friends with people while being honest about who I am, and most importantly feeling connected to others.

Greene Family Camp presented this fabulous adventure and I hopped on board. This coming year in NFTY-TOR, my goal is to bring fabulous adventures to everyone who wants to hop on board. People need other people, we need love, and NFTY-TOR is an amazing place to find both connections to others and love. Costa Rica taught me many things, but I took away the importance of strong, open relationships, and I hope to bring it back with me as I lead the greatest NFTY region to success this coming year.