Evyn Gadd is a long-time camper at GFC, and will be spending this summer on K-I-B-B-U-T-Z!



Green trees and fresh air

My home away from home

It’s the best place ever, I swear


Where friends are more like family

That’s the way it feels to me

From Bonim to Kibbutz

I love my GFC


When we’re hanging in the cabin

Or laughing in the sun

You can’t imagine the pain I feel

When it is all done


Then the laughter turns to crying

And you don’t want it to end

You need someone to comfort you

And they are, your friends


Then your parents pick you up

And you bust say “goodbye”

And then you are all hugging

Trying not to cry


You grab your pillow and your bags

You promise to keep in touch

We look forward to seeing each other soon

They will be missed, so much


Then the seasons pass

And soon the time will come

When you’re in the car and on your way

To playing in the sun


Your car drives down the winding roads

You can almost see the gates

You’re waiting in the line of cars

And you can hardly wait!


Soon you are dashing in between

Hoping the wait will end

There they are! Standing there!

Your entire group of friends!


“We’re all back! Reunited!”

We all cheer with glee

we dash off to our cabin

arm and arm

just them and me