It is said Disney World is the happiest place on earth. For some, it is. For me, the campers, staff, and alumni of GFC know of an even more magical place… right through the gate at the end of Smith Lane. For some, this is their first summer, and for others it’s their 20th. For me, this is my 3rd summer with GFC. I can say with my whole hart that GFC is my happiest place on earth. As I pulled through the gate on May 28th I knew I was home.

Arriving through the gate is a moment in which our hearts warm, our smiles grow bigger, and the sound of laughter and fun fills the air. We wait 10 months for these 2 in Bruceville. However, our little home away from home isn’t just about the physical location. More than ever before, we learned over the last year that camp is about the people! Camp is the happiest place on earth because of the people waiting for you through that gate. Your friends are here waiting for you, and will be there with you to have a summer of memories, laughter, t’filah, sports, arts and crafts, and more. Your children’s counselors, Unit Heads, Staff, and Full Time team are here to make that happen. On your hardest days, they are there with a box of tissues and a full heart. On the days full of fun, they are there smiling and laughing with you. And, on every day in between, we are here supporting each other and our campers with every aspect of their life.

I am excited to be the Kibbutz Unit Head this summer and am privileged to make Kibbutz part of the happiest place on earth! Even before our campers arrived, I have had the privilege of working with GFC since the month of January, helping get ready for the amazing summer we are going to have. GFC has been helping me with my Masters research, which focuses on the measurement of how past staff experiences at camp have affected individual professional development in the real world. You can contribute to this research at the link below by taking this survey.

Camp runs for two months every year, but the happiness, love, friends, and support that is found within GFC’s gates lasts a lifetime.

Billy Bloomberg
Kibbutz Unit Head