Having just welcomed the Jewish year 5780, we know that the months ahead will bring opportunities for us to mark meaningful milestones and celebrations. Perhaps one of the most poignant will be to recognize Loui Dobin who, after 42 years, has announced his retirement as Executive Director of URJ Greene Family Camp. Loui will continue to oversee Greene this year and into next summer before formally stepping down in December 2020.

Loui is synonymous with GFC, so his decision to retire, while not unexpected, is bittersweet. It’s hard to imagine a summer without him, but the legacy he will leave behind is truly breathtaking. We have seen firsthand how integral Loui’s leadership has been in fulfilling the dream of camp as a vibrant center of Jewish living and learning. His vision and creativity have also made Greene into a true year-round community that extends far beyond Smith Lane. And in moments of need, Loui’s compassion and commitment to our core Jewish values have time and again called GFC’s extended camp family into action to repair our world.

A search for Loui’s successor will begin in the coming weeks.

We look forward to having many joyous opportunities to recognize and celebrate Loui’s extraordinary leadership, including the camp’s 45th anniversary reunion this summer.

On behalf of the GFC Camp Committee and its full-time staff, please join us in wishing Loui a hearty mazel tov on his retirement!





Words of Thanks:

We wish Loui congratulations on his retirement and know that while we are happy for Loui, we can be grateful for many things based on his visionary and compassionate leadership.  Loui has led and built our vibrant, caring, and fun community to help our youth connect to Judaism, build life-long friendships and develop their independence and self-confidence.  He has established the foundation for our youth to grow to be leaders in business, medicine, law, Jewish education, teaching, military and beyond with a compassionate heart. What must be incredibly rewarding is that Loui has witnessed the magic of camp being passed down from generation to generation.  We look forward to honoring Loui and working with our camp community for a smooth transition.

Carol Margolis
Mark Levine
Vice Chair
GFC Camp Committee GFC Camp Committee