I arrived at Camp for the first time on April 26th, 2018. Unlike many of Greene’s staff members, I never went to GFC (or any camp!), and this was my first time setting foot at Greene. I knew no one except Senior Assistant Director Ethan Lane-Miller, who started my journey to GFC.

I had no idea when I agreed to work on the Jewish Life team that summer that Camp would become an integral part of my life.

I walked away from Leadership Weekend in 2018 changed. I had a new best friend – even if she didn’t know it yet (shout out, Shira!). I had a new home. On the last day of the weekend, the leadership team was asked to paint a word that summed up Camp and what it meant to them. My word was “Ours.”

At Greene, we say that Camp is for EVERYONE. I (and my family) am a testament to that. I converted to Judaism 18 years ago. In my conversion essay that I shared with my Beit Din, the rabbis who oversaw my conversion, I wrote about how I wanted my future children to attend Jewish Summer Camp (I was 21 at the time). Greene made that dream –  that goal – a reality. Little did I know that I would also be a part of something so incredible and impactful. Little did I know that I would have the honor of working in the Jewish professional world and doing a job that has impacted my life and the lives of so many in our community.

Greene is the place that I am myself…. that I am surrounded by those who find joy in Judaism, who give of themselves wholly and freely and who seek deep connection with one another and with G-d. Greene is the place where my children have grown, blossomed, explored who they are, built deep and lasting friendships, and strengthened their Jewish identity. Greene is the place where my non-Jewish husband has been embraced, loved, and has been a full member of OUR community. My family loves GFC. It is OURS.

Friday, January 28th, will be my last day on the full-time team. I will be starting a new career in the corporate sector (in Dallas), using many of the skills that I developed and strengthened during my time at GFC. I am excited about my new roles at GFC – volunteer, camp parent, and friend of camp.

I will be forever grateful to Ethan Lane-Miller, who pushed me to try a summer at camp, to Rabbi Andrew Terkel, who took a chance on someone new, to Loui Dobin, Stefani Rozen, Rabbi Erin Mason, Michaela Rollins, McKenzie Sigle, Jared Pickett, Larry Nathan, Linda Matthews, Rose Allbright, Eli Cohn-Wein, and Beau Moore. Greene Family Camp has the best people – the best team, the best camp committee, the best faculty, clergy, community partners, campers, families, alumni, and supporters. Because of all of you, camp is OURS. It is OUR place and always will be.

I move forward with the strength of many. I know that I have a place that will always be a part of my life and a community of people who will always be there. Camp friends are the best friends, and camp is OURS.

My artwork is ready for my new office.