Coming to camp for the first time is an incredibly nerve-racking experience, but when you make life long friendships, it creates an unimaginable camp experience. The feeling of being at camp is like no other – It’s a different world that shapes who we are and the values we hold. Camp has taught us the importance of real community. The Greene Family Camp environment allows us to create genuine connections that are made outside of the stress of the real world.

In our eyes, this might be camps biggest strength. There is no other place where we feel more able to express our true selves. At Greene, we call this extraordinary feeling “camp magic”. It is truly impossible to put into words.

Our time as campers is sadly coming to an end, and being a camper has given us some of our greatest memories. But being Avodahnikim has allowed us to experience the rewards of both a camper and a staff member. A “Stamper” as some might say. Although we will miss the magic of being a camper, we get to become the hosts of the magic show that we were once the audience of. Sharing experiences with our campers is a full circle moment that is just as rewarding as being a camper. Seeing our campers call Greene their home makes our contribution to their camp experience that much more special.

We’re so grateful for the memories that our counselors and Avodah gave us and we are so excited to create those memories for our own campers in the future.

Naama Ozeri and Dani Purcell, 2021 Avodahnikim