Tonight’s Hanukkah blog post was written by Lexie Lowey, a long time GFC camper and a Summer 2021 Avodahnik

Camp is my safe place, my happy place, and the one place I can truly be me. My favorite memories with my favorite people happened at camp. Camp experiences are unique and could never happen anywhere but there. 

Growing up in Frisco, Texas, I am one of a handful of Jews at my school. Most people don’t know that I’m Jewish and probably don’t know much, if anything, about Judaism. But at camp, I am surrounded by other Jewish teens that understand and relate to me on a different and very important level. Experiencing services and study sessions, and learning about Judaism, surrounded by my closest friends, has built my Jewish identity – which is such an important part of the person I am today. 

The friends I have made at Greene are my forever friends. Like you’ve heard a million times before, camp friends are the best friends, and it is so true! Although we only spend a few weeks a year together, they are the most important and special weeks. Those few weeks in the summer are the ones I look forward to all year long – to when I will be reunited with my camp friends and we will pick up where we left off last summer. It always amazes me, that when we are reunited, it feels like we saw each other yesterday, not last year. 

There is no place like Greene. It is the one place I would rather be than anywhere else and I am counting the days until summer starts and I can go back to Bruceville once again!