Tonight’s Hanukkah blog post was written by Aya Margalit, a long-time GFC Shaliach and staff member, and the Summer 2021 Rosh Mishlachat.

A miracle is an anomaly in nature, something that seems impossible. Reality shows us time and again that our perception of what is possible and what is not possible changes as we get older. Hanukkah is a holiday that tells us about a miracle, the miracle of light, the miracle of a “single small amount” of oil that lasted and lasted. One of the most important holiday mitzvot is the celebration of the miracle – to show our community our miracles. Therefore, we are all invited to think about the miracles in our life… to think about the light in our lives. For me, one of my biggest lights is GFC.

As an Israeli that was lucky to come to camp as a “Shaliach,” 2001 was my first summer at GFC. I arrived as a proud Israeli that had nothing to do with Judaism, and after that first summer, I left camp as both a Jew and an Israeli. Judaism is in the air at camp and is one of the biggest components of camp that is transmitted with intentionality – spreading light and crating small and big moments of miracles is what camp is all about. Camp creates experiences that give the campers and staff a since of belonging. GFC is where every person is necessary, and everyone brings their unique gifts, passions, and skills. It is where I, my husband Erez, our kids, and so many others feel a true sense of belonging. CAMP IS A miracle in our lives… And just like the small amount of oil that lasted for 8 days, a summer at camp can affect us for a lifetime. Coming to GFC gave me the light and instilled in me a sense of Jewish pride and a passion for Jewish life and learning. Since 2001, I have left every summer with lifetime friends, that some, to this day, are like family that light our lives every day. This Hanukkah is my opportunity to show and celebrate the miracle of – GFC. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SO MUCH FOR SO MANY YEARS.

Happy Hanukkah GFC, from Erez, Yuval, Danielle, Roni and Aya.

“Any Jew who does not believe in miracles is not realistic” (David Ben-Gurion)