Hi! I’m Anna and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma! I’m 9 years old and I love to write stories! That’s kind of why I’m writing this! I’m in the cabin of Carmiel and my counselors are Katie, Shayna, Angela and Noa!

At GFC, you can accomplish so much.

The other day, my bunk went to the rock wall! Even though a lot of people were scared, like me, everyone tried it! And I even made it to the very top! I’m sure that if you try your personal best, someday you’ll make it to the top too. When I did the rock wall and many other new and unfamiliar things, my friends cheered me on the whole way up there! I’m sure your friends will cheer you on too, even if it’s a little scary! But, you should do the same for your friends too. Even if they don’t make it, just give them a hug!

So these are my friends: Peyton, Havi, Shea, Lucy, Hannah, Asa, Mia, Vera and Claire! And that was just a few! I’m sure that you’ll have way more friends than I even do at GFC. Your counselors at GFC will never make you do something you don’t want to do. If you’re a little scared to try something new, that’s fine! Embrace you scaredness. Because when you come back here at GFC next summer, you can do the exact same thing all over again and then accomplish it. Or you could just challenge yourself and do it right away! And if you don’t accomplish it, try it again. Because you want a challenge! Either way is fine!

Just be you! The staff is a big part of GFC! First, there is my Unit Head McKenzie. She is really nice and helps you a lot! There are also all the counselors that will help a lot too!  You will get an Avodah (Counselor in Training) too! But there’s so many other important staff members.

What my favorite part about the activities is the activities you do with your bunk! So far in our bunk activities we’ve done so much. Like education and making dream catchers, friendship bracelets and human pictures. That’s probably what you’re going to do as well! At GFC, you’re going to do so many fun activities that you’re not going to want to go home! Sometimes you want to challenge yourself and that’s ok, but sometimes if you challenge yourself too hard, you could hurt yourself.

And that’s the conclusion of our story! For any more info, ask any counselors, unit heads or camp directors. Bye!