I am so excited that this is the first at camp NFTY weekend in two years! When I was a teen, I looked forward all year to NFTY events: especially ones at camp!

NFTY is a teen led Jewish youth group. It is a group that existed long before I joined and will hopefully exist long after. NFTY strives to grow Jewish teens into the leaders they want to be. I really loved attending NFTY events and eating, praying, singing, learning, and hanging out with my Jewish friends all across Texas and Oklahoma.

This weekend GFC is welcoming over 25 teens through its gates to do the same amazing Jewish activities I always loved as a participant. I do not feel like it has been almost 10 years since I was a new NFTY-ite. That being said, I know time has passed because someone who was my camper at GFC is now leading the current NFTY participants. Time does fly when you are having fun, and boy is NFTY fun.

I hope to see all age and grade eligible teens here at camp for the next NFTY weekend!