A lot goes into a successful summer: from scrubbing the surface of the lap pool, weeding the garden, and mowing all the grass on camp to hiring and training our staff, as soon as a summer of GFC ends, we start planning for the next.

This weekend, May 4-7, is one of our most important times of preparation: Leadership Weekend. Leadership Weekend is when we train our summer supervisors, including unit heads, our education team, Camper Care staff, Department Heads and other key members of our seasonal camp team.

This training weekend is more than just memorizing a set of rules and skills needed to be an effective leader. We use this weekend to teach big ideas as we look ahead to the summer, and receive thoughts and feedback on camp policies and programs.

This weekend, we will begin by looking ahead to our best summer ever, and talking big picture about our goals, our community, and how to “be Greene.” We will spend some time talking about how to welcome those new and returning into our community, and being welcoming faces not just on Opening Day, but everyday. We will talk about summer communications and learn how to tell camp’s story throughout the summer. Finally, we will celebrate Shabbat together and reflect on summers past and look forward to the summer ahead.

Saturday, we will spend time in cohorts, learning more about the specific roles and responsibilities of our jobs. We will also look at some plans for the summer and receive feedback on ways we an structure our summer days and weeks the best that we can.

We finish Sunday with some time for any lingering questions or answers, and recenter ourselves on the summer ahead.

We look forward to what our summer leadership team is capable of – we know that we have a strong group of talented, passionate individuals, that bring a love of camp, youth engagement and strength to our team.  And we have a feeling that Summer 2017 may very well be our best summer yet.