My name is Carter Matheny and I designed the Mental Health Hopscotch. Mental Health Hopscotch is a researched-based sidewalk chalk art that helps hoppers improve their mental health. When participants jump on the squares and do the tasks, they are doing activities that are scientifically proven to help boost their mood. Participants do activities such as saying things they are grateful for on the first 3 hops as well as the 6th hop, dancing on the 4th and 5th boxes, and power posing on the 7th and 8th squares. The last few activities on the hopscotch are to say what you’re looking forward to and reframe your situation.

Although I didn’t create the hopscotch because of my Jewish identity, it does represent many Jewish values. The self-care and presence that is encouraged throughout the chalk activities helps hoppers with the important value of Hineni. Tikkun Olam is also a value that is heavily embedded throughout the sidewalk chalk. We are healing the world with endorphin boosts and dance moves. The hopscotch can help not only the Jewish community, Am Yisrael, but also all other neighbors and community members to heal their mental health one smile at a time.

If you wanna know more or create your own, go to The little article will tell you first, the science behind the design. Then, it will tell you how to make your own. Have fun hopping!