“Songleading is such an amazing way to engage in your Judaism, while creating special and spiritual moments for your community. Music and songleading is how I found my Jewish identity and I love sharing my love for music and passion for Judaism with my congregation at temple and with all of NFTY-TOR! Nashir is such an amazing opportunity to expand your songleading skills learn how to lead a congregation to help them experience the same beautiful, musical and spiritual moments that are equally as rewarding to create!” -Zoey Weinstein, NFTY TOR Religious & Cultural Vice President

It is incredible to watch budding musical talent and passion from teens across the region. At our first teen weekend of the year, Summerpalooza, we had over 20 teens participate in an intensive songleading track where they explored their interests in music, leading prayer, and creating fun musical experiences together and for others. Songleading opportunities for teens exist across our communities—from Shabbat services at your congregation to religious school classes and services to youth group events to camp song sessions and campfires—opportunities are everywhere! Intensive weekends, like Nashir, is an opportunity for musical teens to practice their craft, sing loudly, learn skills, build their confidence and form relationships with other Jewish musicians

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