The friends you make at NFTY events last. As someone who never attended Greene Family Camp as a camper, I thought it would be hard to make friends at events. I was wrong.

My cabinmates at my first event turned into a kind of family in a matter of hours. Everyone at NFTY-TOR events is extremely kind and inclusive, so you never feel like you’re not a part of things. My NFTY friends are some of the best people I know.

Of all of NFTY-TOR’s many year round events, Summer Palooza is my favorite one of the year. I absolutely loved every moment of last year’s Summer Palooza. It had everything about NFTY that I love: services and social action programs, dance parties, and hours of fun programming at night on the beautiful camp grounds. The camaraderie and love created singing around the campfire at havdallah and the jam session that follows is amazing. Being able to lead along with other teen songleaders and other teen leaders throughout the weekend that program as a songleader and helping to create that kehillah kedosha (holy community) was incredible for me, and I cannot wait to do it again this year. Even more exciting, is that chance for me and other songleaders to jam and lead with one of my all-time favorite Jewish artists—Dan Nichols!

If you want to have a whole bunch of fun, make some amazing friends, get in touch with your Judaism, or just have some time back at Greene Family Camp again; this is the event for you. Hope you can make it!

Maya Deol is going to be a sophomore in Austin, TX. She is an active member of TABSY at Temple Beth Shalom. She loves attending NFTY-TOR events all year round, and is the region’s Assistant Songleading Chair.