Shabbat Shalom from Australia! As I have just begun my travels in the land down under, I am reflecting on all that has gone on at home in the past week.

I am “Shepping Nachas” in a major way! “Shepping Nachas” is a Yiddish phrase that means you are really, really proud. Last weekend, I was able to enjoy being a part of events planned and run by almost the entire staff of GFC – All on the same weekend! And this all took place four days after our entire team returned from the URJ Biennial Convention in Orlando, helping run an event for 5,000 Reform Jews. Members of our team were involved with security, program, logistics and production.

In Bruceville, the 2nd-5th graders at the Camp Retreat Weekend had a wonderful time. Jess Dangott and her team planned an event full of new ideas and great programs. Many of our congregations sent entire classes from their religious schools. Lots of veteran staff members helped make the retreat a huge success, and I had the chance to song lead with Dan Lee and Jonathan Dobin. We had a great faculty, as well, starring Kathy Kurzman, Paul Kleinman and a guest appearance from Rabbi Laura Harari on Saturday morning. Thanks to Stefani Rozen, Michele Ozer, and of course, Jess Dangott and the entire GFC staff..

Meanwhile, down the road, the March on Austin was taking place. A record number of folks were in attendance, and it was the first “new” GFC Year Round program to run for its second year. Alex Null and the Year Round team, Jen Luskey and Mindy Michaels, and Carly Cera did a fantastic job. I made it to Austin in time for the supper cruise down the river, and I got song lead there too. They brought a unique Perspective to the event.

And back in Bruceville, Jake and the incredible support team hosted the Israel Scout movement (Tzofim) event at GFC. These are the same people who send their remarkable kids to camp every year. They bring their remarkable enthusiasm to us, and now we get to bring them here for their own event.

That brings me back to where I started: The staff of GFC deserves a lot of thanks for everything that they do. The team is working very hard and having a great time!