Camp has been an amazing dynamic challenge, posing strong questions but providing most answers. Greene has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to ‘cross the pond’ and explore new passages- learning new things and meeting new friends. As a first-year staff member there was a mist of uncertainty on what to expect. However, Camp and the people here rekindled my faith in community, guiding strong relationships and bonds that won’t be broken.

As I arrived for my first ever Shabbat, I knew it would be a learning experience and journey that would last a summertime. As the sun set over Lake Jake and the fireflies emerged from the trees, casting a cinematic image over the Beit Kinneset, I knew I was at home. It only took one night before the ‘camp magic’ devoured me. My only concerns were gone, and I felt equipped to make this the best summer for our first year Bonim kids up to our S’ganim campers on the ropes course. I knew this would be a summer to never forget.

With session one concluded and session two peering over the horizon Camp brings opportunity for fresh beginnings and the start of new friendships. My favourite experience so far is seeing firsthand the relationships that Camp creates. I have gotten to help build memories and connections that will last a lifetime, whether it’s sending a camper down the zipline for the first time or helping Bonim campers start their journey to Kibbutz, seeing them make lifelong friends along the way has shown me in just three short weeks that the ‘camp magic’ I heard so much about is alive and real.

Shabbat Shalom,

Sam Chappell

Cousnelor and Ropes Course Specialist

Bristol, England