Second Session is off to a great start at GFC this summer – we have had an incredible first week! Our campers bring so much energy, fun and spirit to the entire community. This week, in addition to the many activities the campers choose each day, we celebrated Earth Night and learned about our farm at camp, planted seeds, and heard from master gardeners in our area. Campers have been riding horses, jumping in the pool and lake, and are continuing to build the lifelong friendships they create at camp.

This session is particularly out of the ordinary because of the heat. Our typical daily schedule is built with the Texas heat in mind – our outdoor sports activities are all scheduled for the morning hours. In the afternoon, we are typically inside or swimming. A hallmark of camp creativity is how we find solutions to challenges and create camp memories that will last a lifetime. Today, we are doing this with our first ever Shabbat ShaPOOL!

Tonight, instead of having services at the Beit Knesset, our t’fillah (services) will be held in the pool! Part of the beauty of camp Shabbat includes the sunset over the lake, and being with our camp community surrounded by our natural setting. We spend Saturday morning indoors, and want to differentiate our Friday and Saturday Shabbat experiences. This will be a unique experience. Our songleaders will be in the pool, facilitating meaningful services in intentional ways. This won’t simply be free swim – this will be a choreographed and impactful Shabbat experience and we are so impressed and thankful for the work our songleaders and education team has done to bring this opportunity together.  For those who are not swimmers, we have inclusive ways to include them in the experience as well while staying nice and cool.

We are excited to see how this new Shabbat experience will create memories and perhaps even become a new tradition. We hope you are spending your Shabbat somewhere cool and refreshing with an excellent sunset.