by Henry Smith, Kohanimer

At home we feel that time slows down as we await the start of camp. We get here and time goes by. We enjoy our friends, activities, and the atmosphere even though we may get homesick. Gaga and Hagigah, Chug and Menucha, it’s all good. Two weeks are gone and we’ve made great friends. We want to stay and have fun, but secretly we miss our parents.

Camp is great but we all know it isn’t forever. Enjoy the last few days of camp, and let it go out with a boom. As our time slides through our fingers like the water at Hawaiian Falls, we realize camp is as unique as the talent show. Although it’s sad, camp goes out with a boom on Spectacular Day. All campers, Avos, and staff enjoy their time, but we need to have fun in the present because camp racks up our friends list more than Facebook or Instagram ever could.

Henry wrote this entry in his Journalism Hagigah. Look out for the Greene Cricket Press, coming soon!