Our Facilities

The URJ Greene Family Camp’s natural setting provides each camper the fullness of unsurpassed beauty and charm. Here, nature, people and environment are in tune with one another. Memorable moments, our modern air-conditioned facility, and the rich and varied programs make this camp far more than the usual summer camping experience. Greene Family Camp is located 90 miles north of Austin, Texas on over 290 beautiful, spacious acres in Central Texas.


Dining Hall (Chadar Ochel)

Our dining hall, which comfortably seats 600 people, is are comfortably climate controlled with full A/C and ceiling fans. Each bunk sits together at meals, and eats buffet-style from a serving area. The dining hall can also be used as a multipurpose room, for everything from services to dance parties. It is a central fixture for day-to-day camp activities.

The Courtyard

Recreation Halls

Our Recreation Halls serve as all-purpose activity rooms. Its windows can be covered for daytime presentations and movies as well as games like dodge ball. Sometimes bunk activities and evening programs are also held in this location.

Arts and Crafts Workshop

The Arts and Crafts Workshop has workspace for various arts activities. It is equipped with everything needed for a successful a kiln, a potter’s wheel, work tables, tools, a sink, and an oven/range.

Places for Worship


This is a beautiful all-purpose outdoor amphitheater nestled in our woods by the Eco-Village. It can be used as a chapel, as a stage, or as a meeting area, and is often used for services during the week. A river can be made to run through the TevaTro, and twinkling lights add atmosphere in the evenings. There is a small camp fire next to the stage area.

The Chapel

The Chapel is where we hold our Friday Night Shabbat services. Overlooking Lake Jake and the setting sun (we have the best sunsets in Texas, if not the world!), the entire camp gathers for services in front of the Chapel’s stage.

Saturday Morning services are held in the Chadar Ochel, or dining hall, in order to avoid that Saturday afternoon heat.


Two “bunks” live in one building, sharing a common bathroom. Each bunk contains seven bunk beds for the 14 people who live there. All beds are 72 inches by 30 inches (twin size sheets work well) and upper bunks have safety rails. Cubby space is provided for clothing storage during the session. Under-bed space and additional cubbies in the cabin foyer are used to store additional items in the camper’s duffle bag. There are electrical outlets above the sinks and next to some of the beds. Campers are not allowed to leave electrical appliances plugged in when not in use. All bunks are equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers & emergency lighting. In addition to the two or three counselors who live in each bunk, the bunk may also be staffed by a specialist and a counselor-intraining (Avodah participant).
The “S’ganim” unit lives in its own village with camper cabins, an activities building and bathrooms. The “Kibbutz” unit lives in the Wise Academy Eco-Village, its own camper village. It has a main
building that includes a kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. Campers live in four dome dormitories. “Avodah” participants live in their own cabins as a unit.


Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces


Our barn is the headquarters for our Farm program and our Horseback Riding program. It boasts animal stalls, an air conditioned classroom, puppy runs, an aviary, and covered pens for larger animals.


The garden is planted every spring with vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Drip irrigation is utilized as well as rain water collection. During the summer the campers care for the garden. There is also an orchard with native trees and some transplants.

The Wise Academy Eco-Village

Campers in our Kibbutz unit will get to experience communal living with an emphasis on high-tech environmentalism and hands-on sustainability. We have four “dome-itory” cabins which are inspired by the famous EcoCampus dome-itories of Kibbutz Lotan’s Center for Creative Ecology in Israel. The eco-village also has a solar panels that supply clean electricity to power the cabins. Eco-Kibbutz campers, who are current 9th graders, will learn about living responsibly with nature, caring for the environment, and harvest vegetables from their organic garden together with younger campers.


Outdoor Facilities

Kikar (Town Square)

This area connects the housing areas with the Dining Hall, Sports Center, Eco-Village, Challenge Course, and many other areas of camp. It is lit for night use and is the crossroads of GFC. From above, it looks like the shape of a Star of David.

Band Stand

In the middle of the Kikar sits the band stand. It can be used as a performance stage or as a small outdoor meeting space. Directly behind the band stand are the flag poles used for flag-raising activities.

Campfire Site
Located near the Dining Rooms, the campfire site provides seating around the fire area where campers can roast s’mores or sing songs around the campfire.


Outdoor Sports Areas

Tennis Courts

We have three Tennis Courts. One court is lit for night use.

Volleyball Court

The Camp has a Volleyball Court filled with a beach-sand playing surface and can be lit for evening use.

Basketball Courts

Our outdoor Basketball Court allows full- and half-court play. One half-court is equipped with junior-height baskets. The outdoor courts can be lit for evening use.

Ball Fields

We have Ball Fields for both softball and soccer.


Challenge Course

The GFC Challenge courses consists of both high and low elements. The course is used by groups of adults and children who want to learn more about themselves and their group.

Course 1

Diamond Course
The latest “it” thing at camp, the Diamond Course begins with two 60’ Climbing Towers. Once a climber reaches the top of one, they are attached to a static safety line, and can accomplish the other three sides of the Diamond alone or with their colleagues, bunk mates, or friends.

Alpine Tower
One of the most popular elements on our challenge course is the 50 ft. Alpine Tower. Actually, more than 18 elements in one, the Alpine Tower can be used as a learning tool or as a very sophisticated climbing tower. There are lots of ways to the top!

Swing By Choice
Enjoy having your friends pull you up to one side of the 50 ft. swing and then YOU choose when to let go! You can feel the rush of excitement as you swing like a pendulum, especially on your first swing!

Flying Squirrel
Run off a cliff, while your friends pull you straight up into the air. An incredible feeling.

Low Elements
The Low Elements course builds better camaraderie with our bunk and camp communities by building teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

Course 2

Vertical Playpen
You and you friends help each other climb to the top of this 40’ obstacle course. It’s tons of fun, no matter how long it takes you to conquer the summit.

Pamper Pole
Climb all the way up a tall pole, stand straight – right up on the very top. Count to “three” and jump off, trying to grab the brass ring as you fall.

TeePee Shuffle

Walk back and forth on a log high up in the air and figure out how to get across.

Course 3

Zip Line
Imagine soaring through the air for 600 feet while attached safely to a line. The zip line is situated in our courtyard area and is one of the fastest ways to travel on camp!

Indoor Activities Centers


The GFC Theater is the headquarters for our Drama program, as well as where many special events take place. It is large enough to fit our whole camp, and is often used for many other evening or bunk activities.

Breakout Rooms

There are four breakout rooms in the Activities Center. These rooms contain our guitar and music classes, a full kitchen for our cooking classes, as well as empty multi-purpose rooms.


Our indoor Gymnasium is equipped for full- and half-court basketball, as well as volleyball and a number of other indoor sports. While the Gymnasium is not air-conditioned, it is equipped with fans and ten large doors that open to cool the room.


Waterfront Areas


The “Z” Pool is designed in order for many activities to take place at once: lap swimming, water volleyball, and diving. There is a shallow area for beginners, a diving tank, and a racing area. The “Z” pool can be lit for evening use.

The Lap Pool has a shallow area for beginners, a deeper area with a climbing wall stretched out overhead, and lanes for lap swimming.

Lake Jake

The Lake is available for fishing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as swimming. During our summer season, it’s equipped with inflatables including a “Blob”, a trampoline, slides, and a jet ski with towable. A floating dock is situated to allow easy access for all activities as well as fishing.

All year long, Lake Jake is equipped with kayaks, canoes, and other fun, individual watercraft.


The Samson Sports Center

Indoor Gym

The indoor gym accommodates both Basketball and Volleyball. It’s playing surface is excellent for dancing as well as sports. There are telescoping bleachers that provide more floor space when not in use. The room has an excellent sound system. It also boasts an aerialist silk (think circus!).

Little Theater

Equipped with an LED Flat Screen and 7:2 Sound, the little theater is ideal for showing movies, hosting presentations, or teaching break dancing.

Game Room

The game room is a fun place that boasts table tennis (x3), pool (x2), bumper pool (x2), air hockey (x3), and more.


On our porch, outside of our sports center, is a huge fan with comfortable seats and a LP gas fired campfire for roasting marshmallows.

Fitness Center

The fitness center has all-new state-of-the-art progressive resistance equipment, as well as cardio equipment and free weights.

Gymnastics Studio

The gymnastics studio comes equipped with a spring floor, vault, high bar, uneven bars, and high and low beams.