Year after year, hundreds of cars drive down Smith Lane to the gates of GFC. This year is no exception, and the familiar excitement is all around. In just two days Bruceville will be buzzing as we welcome our Session One campers. It is in this moment, the quiet before the summer really begins, that I look towards the future and all that Summer 2023 will bring.

The air at GFC is filled with excitement and anticipation. Over the last two weeks, we have welcomed and trained over 150 staff members from 10 different countries. Our campgrounds are green and beautiful. Opening day forms are printed and assembled. Cabins are being prepped by our counselors to welcome your kiddos. We are counting down the minutes until we can welcome you home to GFC this summer!

This week’s Torah portion, B’haalot’cha, describes the placement of the seven lamps within the Tabernacle. One midrash (Jewish commentary) on this Torah portion teaches that as the Levites lit each lamp flame, they needed to wait until the size of that flame doubled before moving on to the next flame. The flames of this menorah, or lampstand, shined a light on all those within the Tabernacle, and allowed the darkness to be taken away. At Camp, this flame is represented within each of our campers. Our staff, just as the Levites did, help to light this flame for each of their campers as they encourage a camper to try something new, teach a camper a new skill, help a camper smile, foster new relationships between campers, or help overcome any challenges. Throughout the summer we hope to see our campers’ flames double in size, bringing light to themselves and all those around them.

May this summer be filled with light and joy, open hearts and minds, and all the fun and community you expect from Greene Family Camp. See you soon!

Rabbi Erin Mason,

Camp Director