Camper Facilities

The URJ Greene Family Camp’s natural setting provides each camper the fullness of unsurpassed beauty and charm. Here, nature, people and environment are in tune with one another. Memorable moments, our modern air-conditioned facility, and the rich and varied programs make this camp far more than the usual summer camping experience. Greene Family Camp is located 90 miles north of Austin, Texas on over 300n beautiful, spacious acres in Central Texas.

Where  We  Eat

Our dining hall – or what we call the Chadar Ochel – is the home of our largest camp programs: our meals. We serve five meals a day – two breakfast shifts, two lunch shifts, and one all-camp dinner. Our food is delicious and nutritious – and we accommodate all dietary needs. 

This room is also very multipurpose. Fold up the tables, stack the chairs and we have an incredible space to sing and dance at song session! Our dining hall is also used for evening programs and special snack times.

Where  We  Sleep

Our Cabins

Our cabins are your home away from home! Air conditioned, spacious, with plenty of cubby space and hanging room. Our cabins house two bunks – one on each side with a shared bathroom.

We wake up in our cabins, spend an hour each day tidying up during what we call Nikayon time, have an hour of rest called Menucha with our bunks, Dinner Prep before our last meal of the day, and end the day with an evening ritual and a good night’s sleep.

Where  We  play  and  learn

The Samson Sports Center

Our new sports complex has a state of the art gymnasium great for basketball and indoor volleyball, a game room filled with games like foosball and ping pong, a gym for fitness classes and for our staff, and a beautiful gymnastics center with sprung floor and all of the gymnastics accouterments.


The Courtyard

Our newly renovated courtyard is home to our Moadon and our Beit Ha Am – two multipurpose spaces that are great for evening programs and activities like magic and fort building.

In our courtyard is also our gorgeous fine art center. Create a glass mezzuzah, throw a pot, paint a masterpiece, participate in our friendship bracelet and lanyard challenge. 

Where  We  Swim

Lake Jake

Our lake has become one of the most popular activities at camp! Grab a paddle and kayak. Climb the iceberg. Fly through the air on the blob. Go tubing and banana boating with your friends… Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a day on the lake.

Every camper has multiple opportunities to go to the lake throughout the summer. Don’t worry! If you still want more time on the water, you can sign up for the lake as part of your activity preferences


Our Pools

Everyday we offer Free Swim, a time to cool off from the Texas heat and make a splash in one of our two pools. We also offer instructional swim for our youngest units.

Every unit also has time to themselves at the pool, during a “Pool Party” as one of their unit programs.

Where  we  pray

The Beit Knesset

Our Beit Knesset – our outdoor sanctuary – is our most sacred space on camp. Dress in your best white outfit, watch the sun set over the lake, and sing along to beautiful prayers and songs led by our song leaders every Friday night. 

Our  Challenge  Course

The GFC Challenge courses consists of both high and low elements. Our program starts with low ropes activities where our bunks have the opportunity to bond and become a more cohesive group. Then, they move onto high ropes elements. The older you get, the more opportunities you have on the ropes course!


Diamond Course

The latest “it” thing at camp, the Diamond Course begins with two 60’ Climbing Towers. Once a climber reaches the top of one, they are attached to a static safety line, and can accomplish the other three sides of the Diamond alone or with their colleagues, bunk mates, or friends.


Alpine Tower

One of the most popular elements on our challenge course is the 50 ft. Alpine Tower. Actually, more than 18 elements in one, the Alpine Tower can be used as a learning tool or as a very sophisticated climbing tower. There are lots of ways to the top!


The Swing

Enjoy having your friends pull you up to one side of the 50 ft. swing and then YOU choose when to let go! You can feel the rush of excitement as you swing like a pendulum, especially on your first swing!


Flying Squirrel

Run off a cliff, while your friends pull you straight up into the air. An incredible feeling.


Vertical Playpen

You and you friends help each other climb to the top of this 40’ obstacle course. It’s tons of fun, no matter how long it takes you to conquer the summit.


Pamper Pole

Climb all the way up a tall pole, stand straight – right up on the very top. Count to “three” and jump off, trying to grab the brass ring as you fall.

Zip Line

Imagine soaring through the air for 600 feet while attached safely to a line. The zip line is situated in our courtyard area and is one of the fastest ways to travel on camp!