Our Programs

Growing up at camp

Beginning Your Camp Journey

Our youngest campers get to experience a taste of Greene by attending shorter sessions instead of the full 3 1/2 weeks. Learn more about our programs below.

Bonim – Grades 1 & 2

10 Day Session

For our Bonim campers, everything is new! Our Bonim campers have constant supervision from counselors who are specially trained to help foster friendships, teach traditions, and instill within our campers a love of Judaism and camp. Bonim campers get to try out a variety of activities with their bunk and leave feeling ready for a full 3 1/2 week session of camp.

3 1/2 Week Sessions

Our older campers get to experience all that Greene Family Camp has to offer in our 24 day sessions. From advancing a swim level to choosing activities, all-camp programs that build community and a chance to work together on our Challenge Course, a full session of camp helps our campers  make new friends that last a lifetime while also growing as individuals.

Grades 3-6

Niviim – Grades 3 & 4

Many new campers move right into Niviim for their first opportunity to stay in camp for 24 days! These campers get to experience all that camp has to offer, from daily activities like swimming, sports, and the arts to meaningful and exciting camp-wide events like Maccabiah, our color war.

Kohanim – Grade 5

Our Kohanim campers get to take their pick from a variety of activities, and try new sports and arts every week! Kohanim campers also get to experience our full Challenge Course program, and learn the important value of community.

Shoftim – Grade 6

Shoftim campers get a variety of choices in their activities, as well as in how they structure their free time. Shoftim campers get an extra hour of swim, as well as more opportunities on our Challenge Course. Shoftim often participates in many camp events alongside Kohanim.

Teen Leadership Programs: Grades 7-10

Melachim – Grade 7

Melachim campers get extra perks as some of our older campers. Melachim campers live in their own village and begin to have more free time to bond as a unit. Melachim campers also get to choose a “Gadol,” or a specialty area where they can focus in on one activity all summer, and show off their work at an All-Camp presentation.

S’ganim – Grade 8

In this critical year before entering high school, S’ganim campers have their very own program while also still having an opportunity to partake in some traditional camp activities. S’ganim has their own renovated and air conditioned camper village. S’ganim campers explore their Jewish journeys as individuals and as a unit. 

Kibbutz – Grade 9

Kibbutz is one of the most exciting steps up through a camper’s career at Greene. Kibbutznikim (Kibbutz campers) live in a setting apart from main camp in our Isaac Mayer Wise Academy Eco-Village. They participate in a fun yet intense program of learning and living designed to foster an environment that supports personal growth and an appreciation of the natural world.  Kibbutz campers participate in various work groups including tending to our garden, cooking breakfast and dinner for their unit alongside various camp faculty, and helping with unit-wide chores like laundry and maintaining their village. Kibbutz goes on weekly trips focused on sustainability and a two night camping trip. This is our oldest traditional camper unit.

Counselor-in-Training Program

Avodah – Grade 11

The top rung of the GFC camper ladder, Avodah gets to experience being a counselor and staff member, with the opportunity to work directly with co-counselors in a bunk and contribute their skills to a range of campers in various specialty areas. At the end of the summer, Avodah participants earn a certificate detailing the hours spent in community service and continuing education and receive a salary bonus if hired the following summer as a staff member. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on advancing your preparation for college.