Hanukkah Night 7 | Carly’s Miracle of Camp


My strong Jewish identity was forged through 20 years of being on staff and faculty. As an education director and a mom of Camp Kattan age kids, I’m always trying to help kids find connections to their Jewish identity. Camp makes that happen. I get so excited when I hear of students getting to start their camp and Jewish identity journey so much sooner than I did. Camp instills a confidence in new skills and positively pushes campers- even as young as Camp Kattan- to challenge themselves.

The most miraculous things about camp magic is how it magic permeates throughout the rest of the year. It’s all the extra ruach (spirit) with which our campers sing during religious school t’filah. It’s not only the tight friendships our camp kids have, it’s seeing how they use their camp skills to make and keep other friends.

That camp magic is such a strong feeling that I still can’t believe it’s December because we didn’t really have summer this year without camp. The miracle is that Summer 2021 is only 6 months away!