Hanukkah Night 6 | Kate’s Miracle of Camp


One of my favorite miracles of camp is friends you only get to see at camp. Some of the friends you make may live in another state, or another city or town that is hours away from where you live. I have a friend from camp that lives in Houston, so I only get to see her at camp. It was a miracle that we even met, and it wouldn’t have happened if we were not at GFC. 

Another miracle of camp is nature. One of the best nature places that is at camp is Lake Jake. I like to swim, sit on the dock, and look over the lake on Shabbat as the sun sets. Another place I like is the farm. One of the things I like about it is the animals. Holding the puppies and kittens is one of my favorite things!

The next miracle I’m looking forward to is summer 2021. It will be the best miracle because we’ll be able to be together in person!