Hanukkah Night 8 | Gadd Family’s Miracle of Camp

The first time our daughter, Evyn, went to GFC, our twins joined her for the last ten days of their Bonim session.  They all had a blast, but Evyn came home and cried for a full two weeks. She loved camp so much and she wanted to go back for the second session. We explained that none of her friends would be at camp and that it was an entirely new session with new children, but she didn’t care. She missed her counselors, going to activities all day long, and camp life in general. Being back home was like reverse culture shock for her and she was devastated until school started back up.   

The following summer when we went to pick them up at the end of session one, we planned a little trip to distract them from the fact that camp had ended. NO luck. Another two weeks of tears from Evyn (a real Sarah Heartburn) and Rachael and Micah weren’t thrilled with being home either. Graham and I knew we couldn’t go through this again the following summer. 

So we thought long and hard on how we could give more GFC to our kids. We wrote a letter to Loui and a real miracle happened.The following summer, instead of three Gadd kids going for one session of camp, the entire Gadd family went for both sessions! We worked that first summer as unit heads (the hardest job on camp) but eventually found where we fit best. Graham is the director of the STEAM center as well as the infamous Graham Gadd the Science Dad. I created a pretty cool little library which is a great place to relax when you need to recharge… when the GO, GO, GO, every minute at camp is exciting and filled with camp magic is just too much. Our kids have had the privilege of going both summer sessions and basically growing up at GFC. They get to see their friends and enjoy GFC on special weekends throughout the year as well,  and one day, they will hopefully get to be together at UT or wherever my children want to go to college; please God let it be UT.   

GFC is more than just a beautiful place to us. It’s another home. GFC took us in, two random puzzle pieces, and we just fit. We belong at GFC. This place…this Greene FAMILY Camp is exactly that. GFC and all the people who make the magic have become a part of us. Our family has experienced the miracle of GFC- mishpacha and bayit.