This Thanksgiving, my heart aches for Israeli friends, family, and the entire state of Israel. I cannot think only of gratitude when our world is rocked with terrorism and hatred. We have had hundreds of Israeli staff members and campers in our summer program over the years; our camp community holds them all in our hearts. We pray for an end to war, for the return of the hostages, and a time when Israel can safely exist.  

This Thanksgiving, I am keenly aware of how important camp is to our Jewish community. In the past 2 months, we welcomed 115 1st – 8th graders to our Fall Camp, 225 BBYO teen participants, 20 families with young children to our Fall JFAM Family Camp, a Jewish wedding, a Jewish high school, and more. GFC remains a space where our Jewish community is welcome and safe both in the summer and throughout the year.  

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for our campers and their families, for whom camp exists. I am thankful for our staff members who bring the magic of camp to our campers. I am thankful for our Camp Committee, who cares deeply about the future of camp and supports us in continually doing better. I am thankful for all of the volunteers who give their valuable time and energy to help make camp possible. I am thankful for alumni who continue to support and love camp from wherever they may be in the world, creating a global GFC network. I am thankful for our donors, who believe in the work that we do and whose partnership and trust ensure that we are able to do what we do for many years to come. 

As Giving Tuesday nears, consider a gift toward GFC’s Sustainability or Scholarship funds. Our Sustainability Fund supports all aspects of running camp, including safety. We know safety is front of mind for our families right now. Your support helps ensure that we keep GFC safe, which means stationing two off-duty law enforcement officers on-site 24/7 throughout our summer and year-round camp programs. A gift toward our Scholarship Fund will help ensure that every child, regardless of need, is able to experience the magic of GFC. Thank you for considering a gift that is meaningful to you. 

If you are missing camp, join us this year for a JFAM Family Camp in February or April, for Spring Camp (1st-8th graders) or Mitzvah Weekend (Adults) in March, or Summer 2024! Register now for an incredible GFC experience. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Shabbat Shalom,
Erin Mason
Camp Director