Today on the Blog, Assistant Director McKenzie shares gratitude for everyone who made Summer 2020 a success.

At camp, we frequently talk about the “magic of camp.” Especially throughout this challenging time, we’ve seen that camp magic doesn’t just lie in the activities, physical space, or traditions… it lies in the people.

After the announcement of our in-person closure for Summer 2020, staff and faculty members’ first questions were, “What can we do to help?” When we shared out plans for alternative programming with this core group, we were overwhelmed with offers to help and assist in our program plans! While this came as no surprise, since we really do have the best staff and faculty, I felt immense gratitude toward this group of people who offered to share their passion of camp and Judaism with our camp community.

Our staff and faculty filled in a variety of roles that allowed for meaningful, personal interactions with campers. Whether it was through being a counselor or special guest for Bunk Time, submitting videos and photos for daily challenges, helping to lead Shabbat experiences, or jumping in to lead Greene Screene or RJ on the Go, these adults gave meaningful Jewish experiences to our campers and families. We couldn’t have made any of this programming happen without them and a heartfelt Todah Rabah goes out to each person who helped make Session Fun! (and beyond) happen.

In addition to our amazing staff members who have created the magic of Session Fun, I also want to recognize staff members who have gone above and beyond to participate in staff fellowships. These staff members dedicated countless hours attending seminars on counselor training and Jewish learning, working on projects, and implementing those projects for campers.

FJC’s Cornerstone Fellowship:

  • Caroline Mellow
  • Gabe Kopit
  • Hailey Newman
  • Lidor Levin
  • Morgan Ducar
  • Noble Cohen


Nachshon Counselor Fellowship:

  • Caroline Mellow
  • Eliza Greenberg
  • Elysheva Barnett
  • Gabe Kopit
  • Hailey Newman
  • Hannah Eichelbaum
  • Jonathan Kressbach
  • Micah Heilbron
  • Truman Matheny
  • Zoe Makler

As we conclude our summer programming and move on to planning for the school year and Summer 2021, I am confident that we continue forward with strength knowing that our team of faculty and staff members are here to create the magic of camp.