May 29,2020 

 Today marks the holiday of Shavuot, in which we celebrate receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. This celebration is traditionally marked by all-night study sessions, often with a variety of teachers on many topics. As Rabbi Ben Bag Bag taught, we turn it [Torah] over and over, for all is therein… (Pirkei Avot 5:22). This turning of Torah allows us to delve deeper and learn more, even about things we already know.  

When we started planning our program this summer, we asked many questions, turning the idea of summer camp over and over. What does our summer camp program look like when we are not at our Bruceville home? What is most important to our camp families? How can we put camp into our families’ hands? How can we make camp tangible? Are our campers too “Zoomed out” to “Zoom in”? Soon, new ideas began to take shape. We saw ways to bring the joy of camp to our campers at home. We allowed ourselves, in turning the idea of camp over and over, to answer: Let’s find a way to gather around a campfire and eat s’mores together while we sing our favorite campfire songs. We can tie-dye together in the backyard or kitchen and make a STEM project come to life with Graham Gadd the Science Dad. Best of all – and most important – we will bring our campers together with their friends, both old and new, in bunks, getting to know each other and our counselors.  

On Tuesday, June 2, we will launch our registration for GFC Session Fun! Tune in on Tuesday as we share our session calendar, registration information, and more. This amazing session will be offered free of charge. Get ready for a three-week camp session of weekly live bunk time with your favorite camp friends and counselors (old and new), at-home off-line challenges, a brand-new season of Greene Screen with some favorite camp activities, Virtual Shabbat, a GFC at-home campout, song sessions, and more. Opening Day is June 7. We can’t wait for you to join us for Session Fun!  

Shabbat shalom,  

Rabbi Erin