One of the most surprisingly positive things that has come out of this unusual time has been the connections people have sought out. Being home has given us the opportunity and platform to connect with friends and family regularly, and reconnect with people with whom we haven’t been in touch, sometimes for years. Our own GFC community has seen reunions of classes from all generations.  

From these connections has been borne a game show that capitalizes on our connectedness – Jewish Geography Zoom Racing (JGZR). The brainchild of Micah Hart, who also hosts the podcast Campfires and Colorwars, JGZR pits two contestants against each other in search of “The Chosen One,” a random person chosen by Micah. Contestants must use their own personal networks to find The Chosen One, without using Facebook or Google. The result is a Zoom screen filled with excited people, connected in search of this one person.  

JGZR doesn’t just focus on the contestants. They must text, call, or otherwise message their network to find The Chosen One. The Zoom screen ends up being filled with people from all parts of the contestants’ networks, who may or may not have even realized how connected they were to other people. It is an amazing feeling to be included in that network when called to participate in a contestant’s search. Stay tuned – maybe you’ll be tapped to help from The Chosen One! 

In addition to being fun, JGZR has become a fun fundraising opportunity for Jewish summer camps. Donations at different levels unlock clues, give contestants advantages, prank their opponent, and more. Join GFC on August 23, at 8:00 p.m. for the first of four JGZR events benefitting GFC!  

We are thrilled to share that our first show will feature couples who met at GFC 

  • Ana Bonnheim and Asher Knight 
  • Alit and Scott Braswell 
  • Riana and Greg Sherman 
  • Liz and Michael Solka 

Help sustain the future of GFC, and enjoy a fun evening program with your camp friends. See you August 23! 

Rabbi Erin