Shabbat Shalom Y’all,I am writing to you from my new (and not unpacked) apartment in Dallas. This is my fifth Texas city to live in (if you do not count Bruceville, which I might start counting).I want to share two things that I am excited for as the new Assistant Director of Family Retreats and Staff Engagement.First, I am excited about family retreats!My first time on camp was in fall 2007. My family had moved to Texas from Colorado earlier that year. When I got to camp, I remember meeting 10 other girls who were just like me: Jewish, Texan, energetic, and excited. I was sent to camp with only one other person in my grade from my synagogue, so I was thrown into the deep end of camp and had to make friends quickly. No surprise for anyone who knows me, I did make friends quickly that weekend, but I might have even had a better time if my sister and my parents had been on camp with me. Family retreats are such a great way for us to open our gates in a low barrier way to all Jewish families in Texas. I think about providing a low barrier entrance to camp because my sister had slower entrance to camp than I did. While I was able to go to a weekend retreat before I attended summer 2008, my sister did not attend a weekend retreat before coming to camp in the summer. If my parents had attended camp with her in 2007, she probably would have come to camp a whole year earlier. There are so many campers who have never slept away from home, or parents, or family, and I am excited through family retreats, to encourage more campers to get to camp.Secondly, I am excited about engaging staff!I had the unique opportunity last summer to be the staff time-off coordinator. I supported the staff as they took time off on camp instead of leaving as we have in past years. I am looking forward to supporting our staff through their first, second, third (Cornerstone), fourth and on years at camp, and making those years as enjoyable as their years as campers.I am looking forward to working with Keshet, FJC and other programs to engage our counselors in different ways based on their identities. Our camp is a place where our campers can be their truest selves, and that is a value I want to bring to our counselors as well.  I cannot believe my dream has become my reality. I have been dreaming about being on the full-time team since I was an Avodah in 2013. I cannot wait to support all of our families and all of our staff as they move through their years on camp.Please feel free to reach out any time – rkohnhorst@urj.orgLoyally,Kachel