For every college student,
Each one must decide,
What to do with their summers,
They explore options far and wide.
Some wish to spend a summer at home,
Or travel all around.
Some hope to find big internships,
Or just bum around down town.

But here at Greene we believe,
That we have the cure,
For the perfect summer opportunity,
Let us tell you more!


Become a counselor at GFC,
And you’ll gain necessary skills,
Become a better leader,
And save money to pay the bills.
From conflict resolution,
To working with kids,
Mastering a specialty,
And learning about camp biz.
Your resume will only grow,
From all the different things you’ll do,
With counselor experience,
Every employer will want you.

All Millenials should be counselors,
Levo League has told us so,
The NY Times agrees with us,
A fact some parents even don’t know.
Buzzfeed even concurs,
And they’ve got the GIFs to prove it,
If all these news sources say “come to camp,”
It’s time for you to move it!


At Greene you won’t be stuck at an office desk,
Instead you’ll get some sun,
And when you return back to school,
You’ll be tanner than everyone.

We’re not making this stuff up,
Our past counselors see success,
In all their future endeavors,
GFC counselor alums seem to do the best.
From doctors, lawyers, scientists,
Teachers or camp directors,
Past counselors are leaders,
Change makers and electors.


And if you ask these people,
What helped them get to success,
We betchya they’ll say GFC,
Because we turn out the best.

Imagine a summer here at camp,
Instructing a specialty or working in bunk,
Song leading at services,
Or teaching kids how to slam dunk.

We want you here this summer,
And we want to work with your goals in mind.
We’re flexible and want to help,
We won’t let you fall behind.

We look forward to this summer,
And we hope to see you here,
Bring your Lexus to Bruceville, TX,
It will jumpstart your career.